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each time each not same

In these five kinds of invisible airplane templates, the Yan flies the first vetoed the China air force's Jian-20"Wei dragon" stealth fighter-bombers.This pour not is say China of Jian-20"Wei dragon" stealth fighter-bomber not enough forerunner, the circumstance is exactly the opposite, Jian-20 have a lot of f-22s that the places are leading rice countries on the design.The Yan flies of so don't choose Jian-20, is because hereafter of unmanned machine affirmation will fight river's lake again, is making an affair everywhere in the world, once being discovered this battleplane being similar to China of Jian-20, so affirmation will give China bring big troublesome.The Yan flies is China person, don't think naturally to own of the nation bring trouble.
    As for the sum Luo Si's su-57 was also flown by the Yan to veto.Reason nature is how don't believe the fighting strength of su-57, though unmanned machine su-57 and other four kinds of invisible battleplanes are juxtaposed, but the Yan flies still how don't trust, so is simply to veto it.
    So f-35 and all of f-22 and b-2s leaving are the getting stripe of unmanned machineses template choices object, the invisible airplane that they are all rice soldiers to possess singly, no matter the unmanned machine chooses who do to get stripe template, wooden shutters blinds will acquire them of special shape.Once the Yan flies to make use of the time that the unmanned machine brings a big disaster and at the right moment suits to let the rice country government ax back pot.At the same time while canning also make use of this kind of model to paralyze rice soldier and his ally, letting them fearing to fear feet he develops the power of unmanned machine and after all have no who will thought of this in the world in addition to rice country outside and someone can produce these three kinds of most advanced invisible airplanes.Want to know that the Yan flew a past to make use of "prey for food unmanned machine" and"f-15" the unmanned machine of the shape the time in battle had much cheapness, let the rice soldier carry on the back a lot of black pot of.
    The Yan flew to have unmanned machine from x-rated rise to four classes of experience, know to connect down and experience naturally what.He not only the list want to choose getting stripe of very unmanned machine template, have to also arrive in person the spot carries on a scanning to the airplane template of choice, unmanned machine after getting all informations of getting stripe the template, so as to carry on getting stripe.So the Yan flies once the certain unmanned machine gets stripe template, have to close quarter contact template airplane, so as to let the unmanned machine get stripe.
    In the elucidation of the red question mark, the war power of unmanned machine will get to promote completely after hinting to get stripe this time, so at get stripe would appear nowadays world's toppest a few invisible airplanes in the template.Also only these invisible airplanes, so as to promote the fighting strength of unmanned machine completely.No matter the unmanned machine chooses which invisible airplane template carry on getting stripe, the unmanned machines after getting stripes will acquire invisible ability.After having invisible ability, unmanned machine will any further need not was worried about oneself and was discovered by the enemy's radar.Arrive that time, unmanned machine just can be signed to an invincible position, Yan's flying is true sky of Gao Ren Niao to fly, the sea Kuo allows fish to jump.
    The unmanned machine will promote fighting strength completely after that is explaining, not only mentioned to get stripe and also mentioned the unmanned machine after getting stripe will appear all new function.Unmanned machine fighting strength after getting stripe's significantly promoting is affirmative, but that all new function exactly is what but don't say clearly, so let the Yan fly to this get stripe be full of expectation.Four class the unmanned machine have been thus strong Plantation shutters, and the function is numerous, each all very marvelous, be don't know what new function the unmanned machine of five classes will appear?What appearance does the unmanned opportunity become when the time comes?
    Before having of get stripe experience, the Yan flies to know, once he completed the getting stripe of unmanned machine template choice and also appear a follow-up request to the scanning of template, that is to get stripe material.The unmanned machine gets stripe the material needed each time each not same, and the difference of of material is very big.But have 1:00 but is very explicit, that is the unmanned machine to get stripe the product that has to have-get stripe have to product.

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